Prof. Ruben Orda

Chair of the International School of Senology – SIS/ISS


The SIS/ISS International Initiative on Accrediting Breast Centers

Breast Centers are considered the optimal expression of Breast Care.

The history of the SIS teaches us that its foundation is closely connected to the birth of Senology. Charles Marie-Gros developed the concept of Senology and set up the first clinical Breast Care Center in1960 in Strasbourg. In 1976 he founded the SIS, the International Society of Senology.

The International School of Senology of the SIS studied and analyzed the main accreditation programs from the USA and from Europe and elaborated its International Accreditation Program for Breast Centers/Units for its worldwide affiliated societies.

In February 2012, at the 2nd International Congress of Breast Disease Centers in Paris, we proposed the following Declaration, inspired by the Florence Statement:

All women across the world should have access to fully equipped, quality assured, dedicated breast centers/units that provide competent and comprehensive care.

 The Paris Statement was approved by the Chairmen of the main Accreditation Programs for Breast Centers: the SIS/ISS, the NAPBC and EUSOMA and was endorsed by the Chairman of the UICC as well. This was the first step of a Project aimed to elaborate a Common Global Platform for Breast Centers/Units Accreditation. As a further step in our efforts, an initial workshop on global collaboration took place in April 2012 in Dallas, TX, during the Annual Symposium of the ASBD. It was then decided to establish a Global Breast Care Alliance with the purpose of elaborating a Global Accreditation Program.

In October 2012, at the 17th SIS World Congress in Bahia, Brazil, a second working session took place, followed by further sessions in Paris, at the 3rd International Congress of Breast Disease Centers on February 2013, in Warsaw on October 2013, in Paris on February 2014, in Glasgow on March 2014, in Orlando, Florida, on October 2014 and in Warsaw on April 2015.

These are the Main Principles of the Global Accreditation:

1. Universality: that means that interdisciplinary breast care should be available to all patients.

2. Uniformity: Standardized quality measures for breast care are utilized to confirm that uniform breast care is provided to patients in all Breast Centers/Units.

3. Leadership: Defined leadership assures that multiple individual tasks necessary for optimal breast care will be completed, such as: quality measures, data monitoring, research development, provider education, patient outreach and monitoring patient satisfaction.

4. Patient Centered: The interdisciplinary approach emphasizes the consideration of the whole patient including the medical, psychological and social issues associated with a breast disorder.

A cooperative endeavor, such as this, will surely promote improved Breast Care worldwide.


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