Atypical Microglandular Adenosis: A Case Report

CC Stumpf, V Fontana, GK Cecin, D Uchoa, AE Zucatto, MP Melo, JAC Cavalheiro, R Cericatto, F Schuh, JV Biazus


Benign conditions of the breast encompass a wide range of morphological features, from cystic lesions to changes characterized by epithelial proliferation with stromal fibrosis and sclerosis. Microglandular adenosis (MA) and atypical microglandular adenosis (AMA) are rare benign lesions that can mimic invasive carcinoma of the breast both clinically and on histopathological examination. Several studies have reported that MA is a precursor of triple- negative breast cancer, and 27% of patients with MA may progress to carcinoma.

KEYWORDS: Microglandular adenosis; atypical microglandular adenosis; breast; immunohistochemistry; invasive carcinoma

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